During the ever trying summer session of photography school we were tortured by having to watch a home made movie about how to operate a color film processing machine. This movie was unscripted and shot in a POV style that could make stomachs turn. Don't forget it was summer and summers in North Carolina can be sweltering with the humidity.

Imagine thirty or more photography students crammed into a hot class room being tortured by watching this thing. We all accepted this as a right of passage and a requirement to move on to our second year.

I had forgotten about that. The other day I am searching around on Craigslist and what did I find? A Wing-Lynch film processor with nitrogen tank. It says it work and is ready to go. If I had a place to put this and the time to learn it, I would hang up my digital gear and go all film.
It's funny how something you forget about comes back around.

If any of you are wondering where I went to photography school here are the details.
Randolph Community College in Asheboro, NC. There is a rich history of photography in that school and the facility is amazing. Someone who randomly liked one of my photographs on Instagram will be going there starting this fall. She was asking me questions about it and she set up a tour and is now enrolled. I had the opportunity to go there or UC Berkley and I am more than pleased with my choice. Here are the program details.

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