Welcome to Greensboro, NC. The city that I live in.

Last week my friend Lauren and I walked around downtown Greensboro with our cameras.
This is a photograph I took with my dslr from one of the parking garages. Edited in post to look like a black and white image and then solarized. Some lighting magic was used during the exposure as well.


Straight down the Khyber part 2

Here is another straight down image of a thistle that I shot in western Kansas.
Shot with my Canon dslr, Sigma 50mm lens.


Straight down the Khyber

Sometimes I like looking straight down onto things. This probably started in my subconscious when I first saw the movie called Candyman. There are a lot of camera views looking directly down on a city in that movie and it caught my attention. It is a pretty common thing in movies now, but that is the first one that I can remember sticking out in my memory.
Anyhow back to the point... This is a plant in the Nevada desert.
Shot with 'Rosebud' on Ilford SFX 200.


any colour you like (so long as it's yellow)

Life is everywhere, even in Death Valley.

I was reviewing my blog posts and it seems color is lacking from most of my images, so here is some color!

This image was taken with my Canon DSLR in April of this year.

I really miss my friends out west.