personal work at work.

The bossman at work challenged everyone to create some personal, portfolio quality photographs to help boost creativity. The designers reached into a hat and pulled out names. I worked with designer, Jennifer Cameron on two projects. We had complete freedom to do anything and everything we wanted. So we had no limits except the limits of ourselves. Upon our first discussion we made it clear with each other, that we wanted to get out of the studio. We then tossed around ideas and came up with two stories we wanted to tell.

One of our ideas was to tell a story of how things come together at work, from the idea to the final product. Generally everything starts on paper and through a lot of hard work by carpenters, painters, designers, setup crews, and photographers the end result is a beautiful photograph of the clients merchandise. I see this as an analog to digital type of process. So to tell this we looked around the Triad and found the perfect place in Winston-Salem's arts district. The story goes like this, the idea to paint a giant mural on a wall starts as a drawing on paper, then gets painted on a wall and finally it is photographed. Here are two images from that session. Design work by Jennifer Cameron. Photography by me. Model is Doc Geren.


Washington DC

I was in Washington DC last week, I took several photographs. Enjoy.