When do you start post processing?

When I photograph something for my self I am always in a hurry to start the processing. But when it comes to clients I want to wait a few days before starting. I have wondered why for a while and through some introspection I have finally figured it out.

I need that time to forget about the specifics and technical information of the shoot so I can focus on making the images beautiful. Beauty always starts before the photograph is taken, but lets face it we all have our own recipe when it comes to post processing. If I don't make myself wait then my brain gets too clogged up with information and my creativity disappears.

I also prefer to do post work in the dark. With it being summer time the sun stay up longer which makes working in the dark a bit more challenging. Working in the dark has several benefits for me. No glares on the monitor to deal with and it gives me that feeling you get in the darkroom developing and printing film.

Now if someone would make a candle scented like Fixer.

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