For work I have been shooting all of the props that one of our clients has in house. It is pretty boring for the most part, but once in a while something steps out from the rest and screams at me. This hanging lamp is one of those things. I hope you think it is as beautiful as I do.




Objects are one thing I enjoy shooting. Objects stay where you put them and are patient with you when lighting them. People never stay where you put them, and get distracted easily. This is the reason why there are no images of people on my blog. One of my instructors told me that I needed to look at people the same way that I do objects and simply objectify people. I understood what he was saying, but I simply am not capable of doing that at this point.

So I present to you an object, a piece of driftwood. This is something I found in the prop room at work so it is not directly from a beach. I wish it were something that I found but I simply have no luck at finding things on the beach.