Image Destruction?

After image destruction.

Before image destruction.

We had to take an "Edgy" portrait for Photographic Illustration and then destroy it in photoshop. Dan Rough of Randolph County, NC came and gave a demonstration in class on Monday. He went through some of his wonderful images with us and explained what they were used for. He then went into photoshop and gave a demo on things he uses and helped us "play" with our edgy photo.


Oak Island, NC

This is looking south into the Atlantic off of Oak Island, NC.

The exposure is around four minutes.

Breakfast, n0m n0mzz

This is my first commercial assignment. We were to set the mood for breakfast and illustrate a breakfast. After creating several images I went with this image.




Written description for each photo that tells a story about the image or shoot.
EXIF data.
What lighting used to make the shot.
A photo of the set built to complete the shoot for the "concentration" shots.
At least 1 Concentration based post.
At least 1 free choice post.