1957 Chrystler Imperial

My dad has been rebuilding this car for a little over ten years now. It was in a pasture in north central Kansas for a few decades before he bought it to rebuild. Needless to say, it has been quite the project. Paint is being done now and this car sure is going to be pretty once it is finished. A lot of the body panels are off still so photographing the car is hard to do at this point simply because it is not a car, it is a lot of car parts...
So I found some of the cars sexy curves and wanted to show them to you. I hope you enjoy them.


Kansas Sunset

My brothers, Travis and Chris and I took a little road trip to 'the end of the road' of all places while I was home for Thanksgiving Break. We were there at sunset and I ran off into a wheat field to get some photos while they threw rocks into the river.
The end of the road is a real place. The road just stops at the river. If you did not know it was there you would take your car for a little swim.
Here is the sunset.


Light Painting.

I tried some light painting. I tried to keep it simple and organic looking. I don't know. Some old guy came up and started talking about how he tried to keep thing the old way by shooting double exposures on film instead of using photoshop. I thought to my self, 'if you only know half of the assignments I printed in the darkroom'. It was funny, he thought I was some digital kid who didn't know anything about traditional photography.
It was funny. I guess you had to be there...


Here is another sad attempt at making an album cover for a mixtape.


When I was in Pennsylvania last month I took a series of photos with my point and shoot so I could make a panoramic out of them. Here is that panoramic.


Mom and Dad

My mom and dad have been here all week visiting from Kansas. They are staying at some RV park on Lake Norman. My boss, Brian Gomsak, gave me an assignment to take their portraits while they are here. Needless to say with the tropical weather system that moved through here this week I was thinking I would have to shoot these indoors. However on my way to the shoot today the weather cleared out and made for some very nice light!
These were shot in the shade cast by their RV using my Alien Bee B800. Many of you know that shooting people is not my cup of tea and that I struggle with it. However today I have to say that everything fell into place. Of course I love the photos because they are of my parents, but I actually think they are good! Most of you also know that I am never satisfied with my own work, so this is a great accomplishment for me.
Mom and Dad were talking about the last time they had their photo taken and trying to figure out when it was. They decided it was one I took of them way back when I was in high school for their wedding anniversary. I remember shooting that in the basement of their house with my Canon AE1 and a regular lamp and aluminum foil as a reflector.

Anyhow, here they are. I hope you enjoy them. I like the Black and White one the best.


I love making mixtapes. I always try so hard to make a "real" album cover.