The Wedding Photographer Search

So a few weeks ago I wrote about a young couple that were friends of my wife who couldn't afford my rates so I lowered them to ensure they end up with great wedding photos to have forever.

Here is a prime example of why I did that.

Several months ago I shot senior photos for the son of a life long friend of mine. When my friend was showing them to some of his friends they asked him if I shot weddings. He asked me and I said yeah and gave them a basic quote. He passed on that information along with my business card hoping they would contact me to shoot their wedding. I never heard from them and forgot about the whole thing.

Today he texts me and asks me questions about what wedding photos I would sell a customer and what quantity and things like that, pretty specific stuff. So in talking with him I found out the photographer they hired gave them a cd with 250 pictures on it for $500.00. He went on to talk about what photos were on there, saying that all there were was photos of the bride and groom, nothing else. Not the wedding party, not the guests, nothing from the reception not even the wedding cakes.

Several red flags came up as soon as he told me how many images fit onto one cd. I can't imagine that someone shooting raw would be able to fit 250 images of decent size onto one cd. Once I found out the everyone else in the wedding party and all the guests were ignored by the photographer I knew they were ripped off. A basic google search can give a list of important wedding photos. I do not know how "photographers" like this are able to stay in business.

If you are looking for a photographer for your wedding please do some research on your list of potential photographers. Call them all on your list and ask them questions no matter what the price is that you got from them. Educate yourself on them and their abilities and knowledge of photography. If they specialize in digital photography they should be a red flag for you as photography is photography. Nothing changed with the process of taking a photograph when the digital revolution happened.

Please fell free to email or call me if you have any questions about hiring a photographer for your wedding. Even if I am not located in your area or even being considered. You deserve beautiful wedding photos.


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