Life Update

I have relocated to my home state of Kansas. Everything is rad right now, and life is what it should be now.

I have randomly been updating my gallery, please take a look, vote, and leave comments.

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trying someting new.





This gets old pretty quick. I have done the math on how much time I actually spend doing these things and it is ridiculous.
During some of research I found a website that combines all of these things into one place, streamlining my amount of time spent online. Time is money.
I really do not know how often I am going to be updating this blog.

Please visit www.foveaphoto.com



Portrait Session Preview

Many of you know that when it comes to taking portraits I pretty much suck at it. It's not my thing, it is a weak area that I need to work on, so I am doing just that. Here is a few images from a portrait session I shot Saturday morning of my friends Doc and Stephanie. I went into this session shooting unnatural to me, but then I just started shooting what I was seeing. I hope they like them, I am pleased with the outcome.
Thank you for looking.


Macro shots of a pink flower.

I was again playing with the home made lens and a flower from the greenhouse. This time I added a new element to the shoot, water!

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Yesterday I had a few moments to play with the lens I built a few weeks back. I grabbed a fern from the greenhouse and snapped a few images.


Rooks County

In western Kansas there are a lot of old houses. This house is located in Rooks County. Back in its time this house would have been massive. I imagine that there are combines harvesting the wheat surrounding this house right now.


continuing images from the custom lens.

I got a rose out of one of the studios today and shot a couple of images.

Thank you for looking.


Can making my own camera lens respark my creativity?

I have had a creativity block for a long time. It didn't matter what I seemed to be doing, nothing was turning out like I hoped, and there was nothing I was hoping to turn out. This is not a new thing for me because this has happened from time to time throughout my life. However this one was longer than what I can remember. I would throw together random videos with random songs post them on youtube, shoot random photos of random things and post them on this blog and nothing would satisfy me. The fact that there is absolutely no traffic on this blog does not help things either. Even thought I would remind myself that this blog is for me and not you, it still bothers me.

So to get out of this funk I have been reading a lot of blogs and looking at things on the internet. One site I ran across was a do it yourself website dedicated to photographers creating things for their craft. The things on there are from basic fixes to complete construction of some complicated things. The one thing that caught my attention was the construction of a custom lens. I had two broken lenses laying around and started thinking I could build a lens from the camera mount plate on them. I also had two broken enlarger lenses for parts to add to the pile and options available to me. Constructing a lens is rather basic, but it can get as intense as you want it too at the same time. I like to keep things basic as I am not a scientist or an engineer.

While trying to figure out the design I was testing in video mode and hand holding things.

Here is a link to that video.


After coming up with a solid design held together by black photo tape I took a photograph of Super Mario. To shoot this photo I used direct sunlight outside on my patio. The Super Mario is about an inch tall and is on my key chain.

Here is the first photo

After deciding I was happy with the design, I then started the gluing and solidifying process. This took all of one evening.
The next day at work I shot a couple of test shots of flowers. The first shot is of a yellow carnation, and the second is of a some random purple flower off some plant in the studio greenhouse.

Here is the carnation.

Here is the same image in black and white. If you frequent this blog, you know how much I love black and white.

Here is the random purple flower.

Finally if you are wondering what this contraption looks like I have included a photo for you. I am proud of how it looks, it looks pretty legit and honestly I kind of impressed myself here. Included in this photo are the two flowers pictured above.

Thank you to Travis and Lucein for sending me the 35mm film camera with broken lens about two years ago. That lens is the lens mount on this, so without it I do not know how this could have come together.

Thank you for looking, and leave comments if you want too. If you are unable to leave comments because you do not have a sign in, send me an email to foveaphotography@gmail.com and let me know. I can reset the setting on the blog to allow anyone to leave comments. I do not know if it is set up like that right now so until I get an email from someone I will never know if it is.

Have a wonderful day/evening/night/morning or what ever.



personal work at work.

The bossman at work challenged everyone to create some personal, portfolio quality photographs to help boost creativity. The designers reached into a hat and pulled out names. I worked with designer, Jennifer Cameron on two projects. We had complete freedom to do anything and everything we wanted. So we had no limits except the limits of ourselves. Upon our first discussion we made it clear with each other, that we wanted to get out of the studio. We then tossed around ideas and came up with two stories we wanted to tell.

One of our ideas was to tell a story of how things come together at work, from the idea to the final product. Generally everything starts on paper and through a lot of hard work by carpenters, painters, designers, setup crews, and photographers the end result is a beautiful photograph of the clients merchandise. I see this as an analog to digital type of process. So to tell this we looked around the Triad and found the perfect place in Winston-Salem's arts district. The story goes like this, the idea to paint a giant mural on a wall starts as a drawing on paper, then gets painted on a wall and finally it is photographed. Here are two images from that session. Design work by Jennifer Cameron. Photography by me. Model is Doc Geren.


Washington DC

I was in Washington DC last week, I took several photographs. Enjoy.


A photo blog?

This blog has always been about photography and images that I have created. I have came to a stand still with creatively seeing and shooting things it seems like. Plus it's not like anyone reads this anyhow.
There is a lot that goes into my head when shooting a photograph. They say that an artists hardest critic is him/her self. I know this to be true. I have not had the desire for a long time to get out there and shoot for some reason. However as the season has changed to Spring, I have felt the desire to get out there and shoot more. This will all start for me next week when I take a little vacation.
My job has kept me rather busy. We are toying with new things and concepts that I have been involved with as well as my normal daily tasks. This is not overwhelming me by any means, it is simply making my brain work double duty, logically and creatively. I expect this to be a good year for these things and I hope too not be let down by them. Patients is not something I am good at. I always say that 'Patients are sick people in a hospital and this hospital does not have any more beds.' I am trying to learn how to improve on this, and I hope it pays off like my mom and dad always say it does. Time will tell I suppose.
I have been playing around with video shooting and production. I guess it is eating up more of my time than photography has been, and that might explain the photographic drought. Who knows. So if you care to watch, please check out the videos I have up on YouTube. There is nothing groundbreaking in there at all, just things that are random, silly, or interesting too me. I am not going to be winning an Academy Award anytime soon, that is for sure.
Thanks for reading this. If you are still reading, here is that link to my YouTube channel.



For work I have been shooting all of the props that one of our clients has in house. It is pretty boring for the most part, but once in a while something steps out from the rest and screams at me. This hanging lamp is one of those things. I hope you think it is as beautiful as I do.




Objects are one thing I enjoy shooting. Objects stay where you put them and are patient with you when lighting them. People never stay where you put them, and get distracted easily. This is the reason why there are no images of people on my blog. One of my instructors told me that I needed to look at people the same way that I do objects and simply objectify people. I understood what he was saying, but I simply am not capable of doing that at this point.

So I present to you an object, a piece of driftwood. This is something I found in the prop room at work so it is not directly from a beach. I wish it were something that I found but I simply have no luck at finding things on the beach.