Trans American Bike Race rolls right through Kansas.

I enjoy watching documentary films and Netflix is a great source to find them. Little did I know two years ago when my wife and I sat down to watch 10 M.P.H. and Ride The Divide that I would be out photographing a bike race. Well today in the early summer heat and ever blowing Kansas wind that is exactly what I was doing.
On June 7th the Trans Am Bike Race began on the pear in Astoria Oregon. The rides all follow the same route and rely one them selves for everything. No support teams are allowed for this race. Basically a man/woman, a bike and the things they can carry with them are allowed. Sounds really challenging but the riders are moving along quickly.
The race leader, Mike Hall, was in western Kansas a week into the race.
This morning I woke up before the sun and hit to road to intercept him to capture his ride through Kansas. I spoke with him for a few moments while he was taking a break. This is his first time riding across the United States but he has raced across the world. He was looking forward to getting back into some trees for shade and wind blockage.
If you are interested in following the riders on their journey you should go to Track Leaders.
If you want to wait and watch a movie about the adventure you will be able too soon enough as Mike Dion and Hunter Weeks are out in production right now. You can visit their site, follow their Twitter, Instagram, and like Facebook.
I shot this photo of Mike Hall just east of Elbing, KS this morning. The wind was ridiculous for me and my tripod. I can't imagine how the riders feel about it.

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