Hollywood Hills Panoramic

Here is a 360 degree Panoramic taken from the Hollywood Hills of Los Angeles, California. This was a nice hike up to the top of this hill. The original Bat Cave is down in the dark valley area on the right side of the image. The Hollywood sign is in on the left side of the image by the tower on top of the mountain (hill). Thank you to Ben Daniels and Juan Hernandez for being awesome LA tour guides for Kelly and I. This was an epic day that I will never forget, thanks


Zabriskie Point Death Valley

Check out the "human scale" in this one.


herman miller chair... maybe not...

Here is a lonely chair from my trip to the Rock-A-Hoola with Kelly Hawkins.


Introducing Kelly Renae Hawkins

My friend Kelly is spending her internship in Los Angels. She was in Las Vegas this weekend and I drove her back to LA on Sunday.

We stopped off at the Rock-A-Hoola for a little urban exploring and photographing on the drive to LA. She took a few photos of me and I took a few of her.

Here is an image from that session of Kelly sitting in a random chair behind the old concession stand.

To top off the weekend, Sunday night we saw Bad Religion celebrating their 30th year of being a band!