A photo blog?

This blog has always been about photography and images that I have created. I have came to a stand still with creatively seeing and shooting things it seems like. Plus it's not like anyone reads this anyhow.
There is a lot that goes into my head when shooting a photograph. They say that an artists hardest critic is him/her self. I know this to be true. I have not had the desire for a long time to get out there and shoot for some reason. However as the season has changed to Spring, I have felt the desire to get out there and shoot more. This will all start for me next week when I take a little vacation.
My job has kept me rather busy. We are toying with new things and concepts that I have been involved with as well as my normal daily tasks. This is not overwhelming me by any means, it is simply making my brain work double duty, logically and creatively. I expect this to be a good year for these things and I hope too not be let down by them. Patients is not something I am good at. I always say that 'Patients are sick people in a hospital and this hospital does not have any more beds.' I am trying to learn how to improve on this, and I hope it pays off like my mom and dad always say it does. Time will tell I suppose.
I have been playing around with video shooting and production. I guess it is eating up more of my time than photography has been, and that might explain the photographic drought. Who knows. So if you care to watch, please check out the videos I have up on YouTube. There is nothing groundbreaking in there at all, just things that are random, silly, or interesting too me. I am not going to be winning an Academy Award anytime soon, that is for sure.
Thanks for reading this. If you are still reading, here is that link to my YouTube channel.