Meet Chuck Egerton

Chuck Egerton
Department Head,
Photographic Technology
Randolph Community College
629 Industrial Park Dr.
Asheboro, North Carolina 27204



On my recent adventure in Greensboro I shot this apartment building. The original image was shot in colour and was converted to black and white. Colour elements can still be seen in some of the windows. I was trying to make a pattern with the coloured windows.



Repetition Assignment

My instructor Joey gave us a word of the day while we were out on our photo safari in Greensboro.

Greensboro Photo Safari

Joey gave us a safari day last Tuesday as an assignment. A lot of us took the bus to Greensboro. Once we arrived we enjoys a coffee at the Green Bean before walking around town. It was a little windy and cold but we all managed.
Here is a shot of an old graveyard we walked through. It is tucked away in the middle of town between some buildings.