2012 Jester Awards

I photographed the nominees for the Music Theater of Wichita's 2012 Jester Awards last Friday evening as they entered on the red carpet.
There was a brief moment where the sun screamed in through the windows creating the perfect moment for my friend Mr Flair.
Pictured here is Sophia Macias and Gavin Myers both of Bishop Carroll High School making their entrance.



For mother's day I took a photo of the three kids together for Wendy. While setting up for that shot I had Madison stand in. I was pleased with the test shot so I am sharing it with you. The wind picked up to blow her hair across her face. I hope you like it.



Playing in the back yard with the homemade lens.

I hope you enjoy! Please share the link with others, thank you.


Nathanael Everett Ross, Part 4

We had a little photo session one Sunday afternoon.


Colorado Dreamin'

On Labor Day weekend of last year my wife and I took a trip to her families cabin in southwestern Colorado. The cabin's location is great as there are several mountain passes in the area. This image was taken from the same mountain pass as the panoramic image a few posts down, Molas Pass. In my typical fashion, I was so focused on one image that I walked right by these flowers without noticing them. Wendy stayed atop the pass while I hiked down and shot the panoramic. When I was finished she pointed to the flowers and asked me to take a photo of them for her because her camera phone wasn't doing it justice. It is funny how these things work out because this is one of my favorite images from that trip.


Nathanael Everett Ross

Born on February the 12th, two thousand twelve.


Welcome to the neighborhood.

A lot has happened since my last blog entry.

I was employed at this place called OLC Global for a few short weeks. It was a nightmare. It was in a former daycare building that looked like a castle. What I did there was call small businesses and try and sell them access to their Dunn & Bradstreet business credit report. I feel that it is a giant scam, and had zero heart in it and zero desire to take hard earned money from business who were already struggling to stay afloat. Besides not having any interest in the place, it was ran by a lot people who should not be in charge of anyone. The human resources department was actually fired while I was there, so it was a mess.

So I am happily employed now at a tractor dealership. I work in the parts department doing all sorts of things. This job is great because I each day is something different. I am thankful to have found this job. If you know me, you know that I know absolutely nothing about farming and farm equipment. So I am obviously learning a lot. My daily commute is 100% rural, and I love it. I drive around 18 miles outside of the city into the vast farmland that is Kansas.

Here is the entrance to someones field that I drive by every day. I thought the sign was funny.