Christmas Snow

Canon dslr
Canon 24mm T/S


Eclipse Fail.

Tonight was a cloudy night blocking all possibilities to see the epic lunar eclipse. I was out in the cold hoping for a brief moment to take a few photographs. That never happened.
While waiting I became bored. Looking around me I snapped off five images of some of the things surrounded me.

This pine tree was suffocating the sky as it stood in my way.

This was taken with my dslr at a focal length of 70mm. The shutter speed was 25 seconds with an aperture rating at f/2.8 with an ISO of 400.



St Louis, Missouri Part 2

On the late night adventure in St. Louis that was mentioned in my previous post I took a few photos. Here is one.
Canon Dslr
Sigma Glass @ 10mm
ISO 6400
f/4 @ 0.4 second


St Louis, Missouri

On the way home from Kansas I stopped in St Louis to show my friend Lauren the Arch. She was impressed and wanted to get out and shoot some photographs. Our first try at doing this did not work out as the Park Ranger told us we were not able to go on the grounds. I forgot to mention that it was 3:00 in the morning and about 15 degrees out. The Ranger was kind enough to tell us where we could go. So we drove down to Sullivan BLVD and walked around for a while.
Here is a candid shot of my friend Lauren working her magic.
Exposures were long and ISO was high.


I'm going home.

I am going home to Kansas for Thanksgiving next week, and I cannot wait. I have been cleaning off some old hard drives and found an image that screams "Kansas" too me. This image is pretty old. It was shot with my first DSLR about four or five years ago probably with the kit lens. There is nothing fancy here, nothing of a creative masterpiece or anything close to the sort.
Just an image of home.


Veterans Day

My mom made an awesome blog post about my father.

He is a veteran of the Vietnam war.

You can read it here.


Wasp video

I was sitting at my desk today and this wasp fell from the ceiling. I trapped him with the nearest thing within my reach, a lupe. Somehow this inspired me to make a video about him.
The wasp was not harmed during the making of this video and was set free once the filming had completed. I released him back into the wild outside of the paint shop at Alderman.

Click here to watch the video.


They're coming for you Barbara!

This is the Saint Anthony Cemetery in Chase County, KS. This was taken in late May of this year on a drive through the blooming Flint Hills. The Flint hills are in my opinion one of the must see travel destinations of Kansas.
This image was shot with 'Rosebud' on Ilford SFX IR film.


Indiana bricks

This summer I drove through southern Indiana. It was a nice drive with rolling hills and farms. I stopped at an abandoned farm. These bricks are the grain silo. The silo is pretty much the only thing left standing.
This was shot with 'Rosebud' on whatever black and white film was in there, probably tmax 100.


Welcome to Greensboro, NC. The city that I live in.

Last week my friend Lauren and I walked around downtown Greensboro with our cameras.
This is a photograph I took with my dslr from one of the parking garages. Edited in post to look like a black and white image and then solarized. Some lighting magic was used during the exposure as well.


Straight down the Khyber part 2

Here is another straight down image of a thistle that I shot in western Kansas.
Shot with my Canon dslr, Sigma 50mm lens.


Straight down the Khyber

Sometimes I like looking straight down onto things. This probably started in my subconscious when I first saw the movie called Candyman. There are a lot of camera views looking directly down on a city in that movie and it caught my attention. It is a pretty common thing in movies now, but that is the first one that I can remember sticking out in my memory.
Anyhow back to the point... This is a plant in the Nevada desert.
Shot with 'Rosebud' on Ilford SFX 200.


any colour you like (so long as it's yellow)

Life is everywhere, even in Death Valley.

I was reviewing my blog posts and it seems color is lacking from most of my images, so here is some color!

This image was taken with my Canon DSLR in April of this year.

I really miss my friends out west.


desolate landscape

Today several of my friends from college drove across my home state of Kansas on their journey back to North Carolina. They of course drove I-70 across the whole state. I have been speaking with one of them via text messages and they stopped in Victoria at the Cathedral of the Plains at my suggestion. I am not sure where else they stopped or if they even stopped anywhere else. I wish they could have stopped to visit my friend Renee in Concordia but it didn't work out.
Driving the interstate through Kansas doesn't allow you to see the good parts. I guess that is where the idea for this blog post comes from. I have been to a lot of the good places in Kansas and want to share them.
The following image was taken in Rooks County Kansas near Sugar Loaf mound, and about three miles from where my dad grew up. One of his friends lived on the homestead that this barn was apart of when they were younger.
I shot it with 'Rosebud', my Mamiya 645 Medium Format camera on Kodak chrome. Edited in post to add more feeling of desolation to the image.



Here is a milo field in the Flint Hills in east central KS. I shot this back in May with my Mamiya 645 with Illford SFX 200 IR film.


Blueridge Parkway

Canon AE-1
35mm film
ISO 25


My mom's Christmas tree 2008

While I was home for Christmas in 2008 I snapped this photo of my moms Christmas tree. It was shot with my Mamiya 645 on Kodak Tmax 100 black and white film.


Sugar Loaf Mound, Rooks County Kansas.

This was taken in May of this year while visiting family in Kansas.
Mamiya 645
Kodak E100 Chrome


Wind Farm

While visiting family and friends in Kansas last month I shot this video of a wind farm in the north central part of the state.
The music is by the band, The Appleseed Cast, who are from Lawrence, Kansas.


Great Blue Herons

While hiking through the Carolina countryside I ran across several Herons fishing.

Mamiya 645
55mm 2.8
T-Max 100




Wind Farm

While traveling home from my internship I stopped off in the middle of the night at a wind farm in north central Kansas.


Somewhere in Colorado

I made a little video while I was in Colorado last week. You can watch it here.


somewhere in Utah

So I made a little video today. You can watch it here.


Atmosphere Weather Testing

On my last full day in Las Vegas I was getting fuel in my car when I noticed one lonesome cloud in the north western sky. This cloud is not a normal cloud in respect to the natural atmosphere. I have no idea what is going on, and who is doing the testing (the government) but it was obvious to me. I then went on to wonder how many drunk people there were wondering around on the strip at that very moment without a clue something like this was going on.
What do you think?


Hollywood Hills Panoramic

Here is a 360 degree Panoramic taken from the Hollywood Hills of Los Angeles, California. This was a nice hike up to the top of this hill. The original Bat Cave is down in the dark valley area on the right side of the image. The Hollywood sign is in on the left side of the image by the tower on top of the mountain (hill). Thank you to Ben Daniels and Juan Hernandez for being awesome LA tour guides for Kelly and I. This was an epic day that I will never forget, thanks


Zabriskie Point Death Valley

Check out the "human scale" in this one.


herman miller chair... maybe not...

Here is a lonely chair from my trip to the Rock-A-Hoola with Kelly Hawkins.


Introducing Kelly Renae Hawkins

My friend Kelly is spending her internship in Los Angels. She was in Las Vegas this weekend and I drove her back to LA on Sunday.

We stopped off at the Rock-A-Hoola for a little urban exploring and photographing on the drive to LA. She took a few photos of me and I took a few of her.

Here is an image from that session of Kelly sitting in a random chair behind the old concession stand.

To top off the weekend, Sunday night we saw Bad Religion celebrating their 30th year of being a band!


Attention RCC Photography First Year Students!

I would like to thank you for taking a moment to look over my blog. I hope when you start your blogs you have fun with them. There will be a time later this spring and summer when you are super busy that your blog will be the last thing on your mind. Continue blogging, continue posting up your own work, that is not for assignments. I think we all started this program because we loved to just get out there and shoot. Then once the classes started going and the assignments started to pick up we slacked off on shooting for ourselves. I encourage you to not allow this to happen and to always try to find time to get out and shoot for yourself.

I would like to ask all of you to send me your blog address when you create them so I can link up with you and watch your work. You can do so by either leaving me a comment here with the link, or email me the address. If you choose to email me, please send it to foveaphotography@gmail.com.

I hope you are enjoying the lab now that it is pretty much "yours".

I will see you all this summer once I return to NC.



Black Hole Sun

Desert Mountain 1

Another root top

I was meandering around an outdoor shopping center today with Lindsey Gettig and took a shot of this roof top. The dome shape caught my eye as the sun hit it.



Caesars Palace

Today I was out on a location scout with Jen, the studio manager here at Jana Cruder Photo. I had a few moments to spare so I took took a photo looking at the sky.




I had the chance to assist with Joey and Jessica Seawell earlier this week out in the desert. I shot this video of them doing their thing. I cannot wait to see the images from the session.
You should visit their blog!


Meet Chuck Egerton

Chuck Egerton
Department Head,
Photographic Technology
Randolph Community College
629 Industrial Park Dr.
Asheboro, North Carolina 27204



On my recent adventure in Greensboro I shot this apartment building. The original image was shot in colour and was converted to black and white. Colour elements can still be seen in some of the windows. I was trying to make a pattern with the coloured windows.



Repetition Assignment

My instructor Joey gave us a word of the day while we were out on our photo safari in Greensboro.

Greensboro Photo Safari

Joey gave us a safari day last Tuesday as an assignment. A lot of us took the bus to Greensboro. Once we arrived we enjoys a coffee at the Green Bean before walking around town. It was a little windy and cold but we all managed.
Here is a shot of an old graveyard we walked through. It is tucked away in the middle of town between some buildings.


Santosha Yoga, Asheboro, NC

Emily Miller and I worked on a project together for our multimedia class. Here is the end result.



Black and White is awesome

When I was back home in Kansas for Thanksgiving I took some sunset images. There is one further back on this blog if you dig deep enough. Anyhow, I have been enjoying black and white photos again and thought i would revisit some of these. Here is an image I created while printing some other images.



Here is a video I made for my brother. It is of "the shortcut" he taught me years ago.