St Louis, Missouri Part 2

On the late night adventure in St. Louis that was mentioned in my previous post I took a few photos. Here is one.
Canon Dslr
Sigma Glass @ 10mm
ISO 6400
f/4 @ 0.4 second


St Louis, Missouri

On the way home from Kansas I stopped in St Louis to show my friend Lauren the Arch. She was impressed and wanted to get out and shoot some photographs. Our first try at doing this did not work out as the Park Ranger told us we were not able to go on the grounds. I forgot to mention that it was 3:00 in the morning and about 15 degrees out. The Ranger was kind enough to tell us where we could go. So we drove down to Sullivan BLVD and walked around for a while.
Here is a candid shot of my friend Lauren working her magic.
Exposures were long and ISO was high.


I'm going home.

I am going home to Kansas for Thanksgiving next week, and I cannot wait. I have been cleaning off some old hard drives and found an image that screams "Kansas" too me. This image is pretty old. It was shot with my first DSLR about four or five years ago probably with the kit lens. There is nothing fancy here, nothing of a creative masterpiece or anything close to the sort.
Just an image of home.


Veterans Day

My mom made an awesome blog post about my father.

He is a veteran of the Vietnam war.

You can read it here.


Wasp video

I was sitting at my desk today and this wasp fell from the ceiling. I trapped him with the nearest thing within my reach, a lupe. Somehow this inspired me to make a video about him.
The wasp was not harmed during the making of this video and was set free once the filming had completed. I released him back into the wild outside of the paint shop at Alderman.

Click here to watch the video.


They're coming for you Barbara!

This is the Saint Anthony Cemetery in Chase County, KS. This was taken in late May of this year on a drive through the blooming Flint Hills. The Flint hills are in my opinion one of the must see travel destinations of Kansas.
This image was shot with 'Rosebud' on Ilford SFX IR film.


Indiana bricks

This summer I drove through southern Indiana. It was a nice drive with rolling hills and farms. I stopped at an abandoned farm. These bricks are the grain silo. The silo is pretty much the only thing left standing.
This was shot with 'Rosebud' on whatever black and white film was in there, probably tmax 100.